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Tutors Valley - About us

Tutors Valley is made up of highly-experienced professionals who have been working in the education industry for the past 3 decades. Our team includes PHD doctors and subject specialists who together form an important part of the Tutors Valley advisory board. Between them, they have amassed 20 years' teaching experience in India, in subjects such as English, mathematics, biology, and chemistry, among others. We also provide dedicated course administrative support, which parents can reach out to at any time.

We offer online tuition for this we use the latest innovative technology which includes a highly competitive interactive white board, this enables parent and student to upload course materials with ease. Each session is recorded for parents to review their child's progress, parents simply rewind the session's video to view. Plus, our online academy allows students to interact with blogs and universities, and sessions are also compatible with iPads and tablets.

The founder of the Tutors Valley team has been working for the past two decades in the technology industry, for companies such as ECB (European central Bank), BBC, Lloyds TSB bank, Barclays and so on, as a result, Tutors Valley utilises state-of-the-art technology.

There are many advantages of one to one tuition including helping the student to feel empowered, confident and 'heard'. So many times we hear how students feel lost in a classroom situation, as the teacher cannot hope to dedicate time individually to pupils that actually just need that little bit extra guidance. At Tutors Valley we offer this in two ways. We have a choice of 'online' or 'at home' one to one tuition, either way, your child receives dedicated, individual attention and help. There are many advantages of one to one online education, but we know from parent feedback that time is a very important factor. Tutors save time on travel, which means sessions start punctually, and parents have full control and convenience without the pressure of having to prepare the house for the tutor.

Only after assessing and analysing students' needs do we match student and tutor. This then becomes your dedicated tutor throughout your time with us, ensuring continuity in learning. Our approach to finding the best tutor for each student also takes into consideration learning goals, the student's personality and preferred learning styles.

Progress reports form an important part of the tutorial process. After each class, the tutor produces a session report with lesson feedback and once a month our Head of Education consults with parents and pupil to give more comprehensive feedback on a pupil's progression.

We cover all CBSE and ICSE Curriculum subjects for all phases of education. From Primary Stage to Sr. Secondary stage , our subject specialist teachers also include science, languages and English tutors. Because our tuition is tailored to National Curriculum learning objectives, you can rest assured in knowing that each class will be relevant and working towards national assessment and test objectives.

We know from experience that a pupil-centered learning environment lets you, the student, truly progress, develop and strengthen your knowledge of your chosen subject or subjects. With one-to-one private tuition, students learn at their own pace, without peer pressure or distraction of a busy classroom.

One of the many advantages of online tutoring is that learning can happen in different environments and locations. Many pupils have classes in their home, but of course, with a virtual classroom, lessons can take place wherever our students happen to be. Parents and students have told us that they love the flexibility and freedom of being able to book and experience classes wherever they happen to be throughout the India and Middle East.

If you're a parent, perhaps you'd like to make use of group classes for your children. We can accommodate classes such as these in your home, which are ideal for siblings as well as individual, one-to-one classes.