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Harneet K.

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New Delhi , New Delhi

I am a French Language Expert and IELTS Trainer (both Academic and General) with a work experience of more than 10 years. I believe in my knowledge sharing skills of all that I know about French as a Language as well as Culture. I have taught many students including Finance/Banking Professionals travelling to foreign countries. I follow basic one to one approach in teaching and take video sessions as well.

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Delhi University


French and Commerce



Online Certification

IELTS Training (Academic and General)


French Language Expert with a work experience of more than 10 years of Corporate Training to Senior Leaders, Individuals travelling to French speaking countries and School students seeking to learn French. Travelled to France on a Business Trip and experienced the richness of the culture and language.

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"Ms. Harneet is a very sweet and encouraging teacher. Her lessons are never stressful and help me improve my French skills in many different ways. Ms Harneet always provides detailed and understandable explanations for even the hardest topics in French, and she makes French seem like a ‘walk in the park :)’ Her lessons are always fun and engaging and she is a very supportive teacher, who always corrects mistakes but also compliments accomplishments. The exercises and videos used in class are always very helpful and make me feel more confident in my level of French. I am very glad to be learning French from Ms Harneet, merci beaucoup!"